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Efficient marketing strategy for behavior-based pricing

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  Pricing is an essential element of your marketing strategy. Together with product, place, and promotion, the pricing strategy tells a lot about your products’ quality and influences the success of your business. While the classical pricing strategy starts from the assumption that each consumer is rational, the behavior-based pricing strategy is based on a […]

 Change and branding a company name

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I heart media is big radio company in the United state of America with 850 AM and FM radio station. The owner of the business decides to change the name of the radio station to I heart media due to the facts that its radio company online network that allows individual listening to the likes […]

Differentiation in a marketing setting

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Differentiation in a marketing setting is the ability to distinguish a product from to others or make it attractive to a specific target market. Moreover, it is expressed as a promotional method employed by a business to establish a strong and unique presence in a market, when using this strategy a manufacturer uses several variations […]

How can you use advertising to reach your target audiences (magazines, newspapers, television, and radio)

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A  Mudzanani, (2015) asserts that in business, an advertisement is one fundamental strategy to maintain a competitive advantage. Advertisement creates awareness on the type of business an organization is conducting (Mudzanani,2015).  The fitness and wellness sector is full of competition and requires constant revitalization of the company strategies to maintain a competitive advantage. Fortunately, several […]

Five Tips How You Can Promote Your Business Without Spending Too Much Money

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  In order to make good sales in the market, your product or service should be well known to the target audience. Promoting your business allows people to know your offering, and this is a very integral part for any business since it determines the sales in that particular period. Whether you are building a […]